24 Hour Plumbing Company

It is horrible to wake up or come home to find that your home’s plumbing has something wrong. Whether it’s standing water, a stench beyond compare, or pipes that aren’t functioning as they should, it’s something you want to avoid whenever possible yet also be prepared with the number of your local 24 hour plumbing company. If you live near Charlotte, NC, your best plumbing company is Emergency Plumber, Rock Hill SC. We give you 24 hour service that is beyond compare, with friendly yet efficient techs who can handle the worst problems.

To offset additional damage to your home while waiting for the 24 hour plumbing company to arrive, prior to an emergnecy, you need to locate the valves that control the water in various areas of your home. You need to teach even your children where these are because you never can plan for a 24 hour emergency, can you?

Be able to locate your water meter because the main water supply is near it. Some flooding emergencies that would cause you to call out a 24 hour plumbing company like Emergency Plumber can be so disastrous that it’s better to cut the water supply all the way until our competent plumbing techs arrive.

Your call to us is so important. We will arrive on the scene as soon as possible and begin working on your problem, whether it’s a leak, a clog, a sewer issue, or any other problem. We have all the supplies you would expect a 24 hour plumbing company to carry with us so that we can address your problem immediately.

We have amazing customer service and satisfaction ratings because of our ability to get down to the bottom of a problem even in a stressful or tense situation. Some homeowners try to fix these issues themselves and often make the problem worse. Make sure that a competent 24 hour plumbing company is taking care of your issue so you don’t have to.